Who is OnlyFans star Amber O’Donnell and what’s her boxing record?

AMBER O’DONNELL may be best known for her social media pages but the favourite is now hoping to make it as a boxer.

The star has joined a long list of OnlyFans models and influencers, like Logan Paul and KSI, who have tried their hands at the sport of boxing after soaring to fame online.

Who is Amber O’Donnell?

Amber is an OnlyFans model, Instagram influencer, and TikTok creator from South Yorkshire.

She was born on June 21, 1999.

How did Amber O’Donnell become popular?

Amber became popular after joining OnlyFans when she ran into money struggles during the pandemic.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Amber revealed how she found herself having to scrape by on benefits when the UK went into lockdown.

As a student with a part-time job in Starbucks Amber wasn’t eligible for furlough.

Inspired by a friend who was doing well out of OnlyFans, she decided to set up an account to try and rake in more cash.

During her first few weeks on the adult subscription site Amber made around £500 for sharing Sєxy cosplay pics but she now earns around £10,000 a month on average.

Though she is hugely popular on OnlyFans and TikTok, one person who has made it very clear she is not a fan of Amber’s social media posts is one of her neighbours.

In early 2023, Amber was berated by a woman who she lives near for being too loud and “always having her t**s” out on TikTok.

The moment the woman confronted Amber was captured by the star as she filmed a video in her car.

She later uploaded the exchange online, with Amber admitting she couldn’t believe she had managed to catch the moment on camera.

In March 2023 Amber became the latest in a slew of online celebrities to transition to boxing.

It was revealed that she has signed up for the Kingpyn boxing tournament, dubbed the “biggest influencer boxing tournament” ever.

What’s her boxing record?

At the time of writing Amber had only had one boxing match.

She took on fellow OnlyFans star Elle Brooke at at Wembley Arena in London in April 2023.

Amber lost the match via a five round decision, following a tense exchange of words between the pair online.

She had also been involved in a shoving match with Elle’s sister Emily ahead of the match.

Following her match with Elle, it was confirmed that influencer Amber would to take on another OnlyFans star, Whitney Johns, in July 2023.

The match marks Whitney’s second time in the ring also, following her previous loss to self-professed “goth girl” 6ar6ie6.